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The Manga Magnet

I've always felt that manga received relatively little attention in comparison with its animated counterpart. So I have decided to make a webring uniting non-hentai manga-affiliated websites. It's called the Manga Magnet, because it attracts manga-affiliated websites. (hehe, duh...) If you're interested in joining, please read the following criteria:

1) No hentai please.
2) Your site must be mainly about manga. Yes, it can contain other things, but please try to remember the point of this webring. I'm looking for sites that deal with manga overall, a certain manga series, manga translations, galleries, etc. You get the picture. (No, the Plaza isn't all about manga, but it hosts this webring so no gripes please. ;)
3) Please, don't join if your site hasn't even been built yet. No, it doesn't have to be complete down to every detail (the Plaza certainly isn't), but there must be something substantial there.
4) If this is the only webring you've joined, or one of two, please put the html on your main page. I understand spacing can be a problem, so yes, you may put it on a separate page, but please, if at all possible try and put it on your main page... please?

That's all the rules! If you have a bone to pick with me, e-me and we'll see what we can do, k? If you're willing to comply, please continue...

(Note: If you just wanna look at the Manga Magnet stats, search the Sitering, look at the list of sites, or do anything other than joining, then go here.)

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